Carrier Transicold Dealers are working smarter with iM3 Suite

iM3 SCM Cloud Suite is an innovative Dealers, Distributors, Service or Repair Shops and Supply Chain Management Suite with robust Inventory & Repair Order features to provide the tools necessary for Carrier Transicold Dealers!Each module within iM3 is tightly integrated with the others for accurate, “real-time” results providing greater visibility for all the business operations in an easy to use Window’s format nicely designed with active links for quick navigation.

Our current and expanding Carrier Transicold Network of Dealers have commented on the value they’ve seen in their day-to-day operations.

  • Near perfect inventories in all warehouses including the mobile service fleet. Better managed inventory has resulted in reduced inventory levels providing greater cash flow
  • Fewer mobile off-site stock-out incidents thanks to automatic replenishment
  • Ability to manage multiple business units and facilities
  • Timely off-site mobile service invoicing with accurate cost capture
  • Greater ability to manage “open” work-in-process
  • Supports special client pricing for counter sales or WO/RO – whether it’s discounted based on parts, service and/or the client volume
  • Warranty management and Services Contacts are supported.
  • iM3 produced QR code to tag all asset for easy identification on iM3’s Mobile App
  • Supports re-occurring billing for leasing, service contracts, telematics, etc.
  • Easily convert quotes into Sales Orders, PO’s and/or Work Orders
  • Completely integrated with bar code scanners & printers for greater accuracy
  • Complete load into iM3 of the Carrier Transicold Standard Repair Times and the Carrier Price list updates
  • A variety of excel data exports to allow for a variety of analytics

iM3 SCM Cloud Suite supports your Mobile Service Fleet or in-house operations through iM3 Mobile App (Android or iOS)! Our Mobile App puts your business software in the hands of your technician’s smartphone anywhere they have an internet or cellular connection without the need for any extra hardware or devices!

  • Scan tagged equipment in the field for a complete access to the unit’s history, parts usage, work orders and more.
  • Update/capture unit’s Hour/Standby meter readings.
  • Start work orders in your own parking lot.
  • Use the phones “speak to text” feature to enter notes in a work order and scan bar coded parts, labor tasks and more.
  • Easily capture multiple meter readings to support Preventive Maintenance schedules or manage warranties.
  • Request for parts to parts room.
  • Add pictures to your work order for better documentation.
  • Create invoices “on the spot” for COD customers.

iM3 Suite & its team is the only IT support your business will need in the future. We help Carrier Dealers and all our clients with the migration into iM3 Suite for greater success and better results. We provide on-line, off-site/on-site and unlimited email to get you started! Your success is our success.

  • iM3 was designed as a Dealer, Distribution, Repair, Asset Tracking and Supply Chain Management system 1st resulting in a very smart solution for all your inventory management, but our Carrier Transicold Dealer clients have tailored this customizable product to suite their industry like no other!
  • iM3 Suite has an industry leading Mobile App.
  • iM3 Suite has an Mobile scanning & barcoding application for quick receiving, issues, returns, picking, shipping functions.
  • Copy, paste functions save time on repetitive Quotes, Sales Orders and Work Orders.
  • iM3 allows you to add customer-centric “stories” when you build-out your tasks so the right message carries over to the invoice.
  • iM3 implementations include all our intuitive modules.
  • As a Cloud solution, iM3 provides every enhancement / update to our Client base resulting in a system that grows with your business.
  • Our experience with Carrier Dealers means we understand your businesses needs and can provide proof through our iM3’s features. This same experience with Carrier Dealers enables us to pass along considerable cost savings compared to similar systems.
  • iM3 can interface with other quality 3rd party software’s that may be integral to your business.
  • Manage all your business units in iM3; Reefers, Mechanical, Trailers & Tankers, APU’s, Body, Generators, other OEM Sales & Services, Retrofits, installations & fabrications, equipment leasing and more.
  • Carrier Transicold specific dashboards for Parts requests and Work Order status.
  • Complete Core Management.

iM3 team continues spends time evaluating new technologies, methods, new functionalities and new ways to help Carrier dealers get more for their investment.

  • iM3 team has introduced cost-effective way to stream dashboards for the Carrier dealers to manage their business better.
  • Technician can quickly request parts using iM3 Mobile App to Parts room without writing on a WO/RO or walking up to the part room.
  • Parts Request Dashboard on TV display with Alerts!, the parts room gets the Alerts and iM3 has tools to quickly issue part and deliver to technician without any delays, our customers are experiencing increase productivity.
  • Technician, service manager, parts manager, general manager have their screen/notifications for any delays.
  • Parts room dashboard TV App, keeps track of all delays & updates “In process, Picking Completed, Backorder, Cancelled, parts delivered keeping stock room employee’s and technician focused.
  • Manage WO/RO effectively, TV App will stream all Jobs being currently worked by all technician in premises or on the road.
  • WO dashboards updates every minute, why they are on hold or have been completed and schedule for the next 7 days.
  • Technician Time Clocked In to a Job or Clocked out of the Job using technology, no need of old WO time punch, no manual entry of time for payroll, invoicing .
  • Effective location tracking of on-the-road Technician, Carrier dealer can monitor jobs, technician and can dispatch technician to a new job based on their current location.
  • Capture signatures on tablets, ipads or mobile phones for parts delivery, invoices and WO/RO authorization.
  • iM3 Suite has an industry leading Mobile App.

"Because of iM3, my year-end inventory was only off 100’s of dollars – that’s great!"

"iM3 has made our back orders easier to keep an eye on. Before, parts could be on back order and we would have to run a variety of reports and needed to contact the Vendor."

"For the orders, we are WAY more efficient with letting our customers and service department know immediately when the part comes in! I would say over 50% better in timing, maybe even 75%!"

"Vendor Returns are much easier to keep track of to insure we get credit, before we had to know how many, some of which may have got lost and never got credit."

"Drop ships are immediately billed out the next day and with them coming up on the home screen dashboard, these are reviewed daily. Before, we would have to save a note or try to remember (often times getting lost until the customer calls)."

"With inventory, we can keep a better eye on when we place a critical! Now we might add parts because we can sort by quantity on hand and discover that we need 1, rather than running a report or relying on someone to remember or write down that they took the last one!"

"Great min/max utility to manage adequate inventory levels and insure parts on-hand."

"Our stories that “carry” to the invoice are where our service department probably saves the most time because of the task options that automatically add the story, especially with warranties."

"The iM3 support team is extremely responsive for all my questions compared to my legacy system."

Dealer/Shop Management   ||  Repairs  ||   Warranty Tracking  ||  Preventive Maintenance  ||   Fleet Service  ||  Rental & Leasing

Our iM3 SCM Suite delivers complete functionality to meet the challenges faced by the OEM Sales & Service industry. iM3 provides immediate value by effectively capturing all your key inputs from various roles, autonomously performing smart business logic for real time accurate queries and dashboard providing greater overall departmental visibility so can make more informed decisions and operate more efficiently. Our team of experts can work with you to develop a solution that supports your business and budget.

As a cloud-based solution, iM3 can be implemented without significant investments in IT equipment or staffing. All information is automatically updated and accessible anywhere through any Internet-enabled device. iM3’s Mobile APP delivers one-click convenience for a variety of features. iM3 customers benefit from significantly improved cash flow, increased accuracy and timeliness of invoicing, tighter control over inventory, reduced inventory cost and real-time repair work orders. As a highly customizable solution, iM3 supports your entire operation, including

  • Accessing and managing work orders.
  • Viewing equipment repair history.
  • Capturing authorization signatures on quotes, work orders and invoices.
  • Bar code/QR code, mobile app and scanning solutions.
  • Service contract and warranty management.
  • Dual invoicing for OEM warranties.
  • Multiple labor rates and service types.
  • DOT inspection templates.
  • Scheduled and preventive maintenance.
  • Rental & Leasing.
  • Inventory & warehouse management and much more

Work Order, Estimates & Quotes:

  • Install, repair, re-work, manufacturing warranty & service contracts.
  • Quotes/estimates for install or repairs: create, print, email, and signed approval.
  • Effectively manage work-in-progress.
  • Invoices: create, print, email invoices and electronic approvals.
  • Create, open, hold and complete repair work orders.
  • Create parts pick-list for jobs/work order.
  • Gross profit for each repair work order.
  • Fixed price repair work order.
  • Standard repair time vs. actual time billing and time analysis.
  • Warranty and extended warranty work orders and invoicing.
  • Integrated bar codes for work orders, parts and equipment QR codes.

Fleet Maintenance:

  • Emergency roadside repairs.
  • Real time inventory tracking.
  • Warranty and extended warranty tracking.
  • Service scheduling for customer sites.
  • Repair history of all vehicles.
  • Reporting for fleet management.
  • Cost per mile, hour meter, per square foot and more.
  • Reading ranges for hour meter and odometer.
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling.
  • Multi-location management.
  • Real time repair-order building.

Service Fleet:

  • Manage inventory in service fleet.
  • Auto-generate replenishment part list.
  • Build work orders, issue quotes, accept signature from service truck.
  • Access repair history and equipment details from service truck.
  • Fully functional on almost any mobile devices.

Quotes, Counter Sales, E-commerce:

  • Quick quotes for parts.
  • Sales orders for install, services and parts.
  • Fully integrated E-commerce solution.
  • Consigned parts inventory.
  • Customer discounts, special pricing and more.

Invoicing & Accounting:

  • Invoicing for counter sales, sales orders.
  • Invoicing based on quotes, work orders.
  • Schedule reoccurring invoices.
  • Vendor bills, credit and debit notes.
  • Ability to interface with accounting software of your choice.

Inventory & Warehouse Management:

  • Integrated inventory & warehouse management.
  • Mobile apps for in-shop or fleet repairs.
  • Integrated mobile scanning solutions.
  • Picking, put-away, core return, customer returns.
  • Consigned inventory & parts replenishment.
  • Shipping USPS, UPS or FedEx.


  • Vendor management and vendor portal.
  • Product requirements – SO, WO, back order.
  • Quick PO’s - stock, non-stock or special Items.
  • Vendor price list, MSRP, discount, markups.


  • Gross profit report for jobs/WO
  • SRT vs. actual time billing and time analysis.
  • Work-in-process reports.
  • Custom dashboards based on user functions.
  • Labor productivity metrics.
  • Inventory reports (VOI, Usage, etc.).

Mobile App, Mobile Scanning, Barcode:

  • Mobile Apps for fleet operations.
  • Handheld Scanning & Barcode Solutions for warehouse.