Fleet Management

Mobile workforce automation – automate your fleet services. iM3 Fleet Management allows you to effectively utilize your mobile workforce. Create, prioritize, and assign customer work orders internally to your employees based on their current location, expertise, schedule, availability and work-load. Manage your fleet inventory, fully integrated with main warehouse SCM application. Fully integrated with Google Maps.

Go Mobile!

Supply Chain at your fingertips – through iM3 SCM Lite, manage your warehouse operations on our mobile platform fully compatible and available on both iOS (Apple) and Android smartphones and tablets. Advanced mobility tools allow your workforce to increase efficiency and productivity which drives cash-flow and profitability.


Setup your eCommerce business, fully integrated with our SCM solution, or integrate with third party tools such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Walmart and more. Easy to use processes, catalog management, customer orders, inventory management, shipping – manage your warehouse distribution operations.

Inventory Management 

Real-time inventory updates! Monitor and manage inventory levels at all locations. Manage all inventory processes inside your warehouse, including: cycle counts, yearly inventory updates, stock replenishment, tracking, transfers, issuing, putaway, and more. Segment and organize stock by channel or business unit. iM3 SCM tracks and updates inventory based on usage, order management, replenishment, and counting.

Customer Support & Training

Dedicated account manager & 24/7 technical support team – data migration assistance, software consulting and onsite help available, software training videos available on YouTube and compiled within software or available upon request, software training manuals, online webinars, schedule one on one training meetings with support specialists and more!

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Excel based downloadable and editable reporting available throughout the software. Access to database of in-depth reports, module based, customizable web reports, dashboards, identify your key performance indicators, and build your own reports with application.

Automated Contracts

Set up and manage your customer servicing, preventive maintenance, rental & leasing contracts. Setup auto billing/invoice generation based on preferred time period (monthly, weekly, quarterly, annually, etc.). Fixed periodic invoices or invoices based on meter reading, mileage, and usage. View reporting, profitability and costs to help determine key decisions, such as renegotiation on contracts, etc.

Asset Management

With a robust asset management solution, easily set up and maintain customer and self-owned asset and equipment information. Automate common processes, compliance management, perform work, change and incident management. Manage install, repair, servicing, pm, and warranty jobs. iM3 SCM gives you the ability to manage the life cycle and history of your assets using a single, integrated platform.

Replenishment Orders

Generate automatic replenishment orders and purchase orders from suppliers to your warehouse with real-time inventory updates, min/max set up, and reorder quantities. Facilitate replenishment orders for consignee inventory, inventory on service fleets/trucks and manage inventory at other company warehouse locations or storage spaces.


Putaway items by scanning inventory to their respective bin locations. iM3 SCM provides flexibility and gives the user the ability to set up their inventory (by individual items/parts) to automatically be putaway to their respective bin locations and made available to use once the item has been received or going through the verification process of printing labels and using mobile computer scanners to scan the putaway location (as often times this can be changed). Our putaway program is fully integrated with barcode scanning and labeling.


Manage receipt of goods against Purchase Orders or ASN’s, barcoding, labeling, disposition of goods, cross docking and returns.


Multiple users with different security settings on CLOUD interface & MOBILITY, add custom fields or rename existing, ability to select and configure various currencies, unlimited custom reporting, data export, automated email generation and more.

Asset Tracking 

Manage, track and maintain history of your assets, equipment, high-value inventory items using product serial numbers and other customizable fields. Tag assets using QR codes or RFID devices. Using our mobile application - view history, start work orders, update meter readings, attach documents, view service contracts, view PM’s, and more. Mobile Audit/GPS tracking, asset warranty management, ability to track repairs, maintenance scheduling, tracking by employee or equipment/machine performed, set up parent child relationships and grouping, and more!

Tasks and Instructions

Identify, add, and assign job tasks and instructions on work orders/repair orders – load predefined standard repair times by jobs. Attach parts/inventory, notes and instructions to specific jobs for further automation.