5 Revolutionary Ways of How CMMS Redefines Industrial Operations

There are various useful features of computerized maintenance management systems for businesses, making working easier for the company. The system gives the company the advantage of centralizing the data and monitoring the machines, saving the company money and time. The maintenance managers can perform their duties well. 


The computerized maintenance management system provides easy access from any computer to all the required information at any point in time. This reduces the stress on the different branches of the maintenance department, which otherwise had to work late into the night or during peak hours of the week to get the information. 

Let’s check someof the ways PPS can help businesses grow through automated CMMS processes:

1.      Monitoring of Transportation Fleets

With the help of a CMMS, a small company's maintenance manager can monitor the entire operation of the company's fleet of transportation. This helps him have complete knowledge of the buses' entire functioning, which reduces the risk of an unexpected accident. There are several other benefits of using this system for your buses.

2.      Providing Real-Time Data & Solutions

The PPS’s system can provide real-time data and can send emails to the maintenance managers. It can help in better coordination of the activities of the business and the customer service department. It can alert the business when there is any technical snag that needs to be addressed immediately. 

These emails can give a detailed account of each transportation activity, which helps the business make better decisions on their maintenance and use of the vehicles. CMMS can keep track of the company's assets, which will allow the company to plan its resources in the best way. All these and many more advantages can be enjoyed by using this system.

 3.      Tracking Maintenance, Fuel & Servicing Expenses

The Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) has many other benefits apart from monitoring the vehicles themselves. It also keeps track of all the company's expenses on maintenance, fuel, servicing, etc. 

The software also monitors all the records and documents relating to vehicles. PPS’s CMMS contains facilities to generate reports and tables. Using this, you can keep a tab on each activity's service record and check their efficiency and performance.

 4.      Offering Preventive Maintenance Solutions

Using the business's maintenance manager, you can design and develop preventive maintenance programs for your company. You can also monitor and control the supply of fuel and the availability of oil. The software also includes provisions to create work rotations. The user can customize the user interface according to his preferences.

5.      Scheduling of Services, Reporting & Controlling

To get maximum advantage from the maintenance management systems, you must have the right maintenance managers. The software has several useful features like scheduling services, reporting, and controlling the cost involved in maintenance. You can even get alerts when required repairs are done, which reduces wastage of time and money. 

Some of the other features of the CMMS include the notification of the repair status to the service department, a special report on engine faults, etc. This maintenance management system is very easy to use and understand, and if properly maintained, it gets you to save a lot of time, money, and effort.

Marc Cousineau (Fiix, 20 benefits of a CMMS) explains CMMS’ functioning as:

“A CMMS balances resources and maintenance costs, so backlog doesn’t get out of hand. The software captures small fixes that would otherwise go unnoticed and allows maintenance tasks to be scheduled, assigned, and prioritized, so no jobs fall through the cracks.”

While offering automated and full-fledged CMMS solutions, PPS focuses on the fact that not all businesses need the same software or services. That’s why we offer customized solutions, which are developed and automated as per your requirements, to best suit your business.