iM3 SCM Suite has the inbuilt functionality to capture, track and manage time for the employees working within the facilities. There are multiple tools available to capture Attendance using iM3 SCM cloud application or iM3 SCM lite mobile App. Similarly the time spent on each task, work order can be captured to manage the work orders

Facility (FM) & Asset Management (AM)
  • Attendance capture, can be setup to capture employee or contractors attendance on mobile device or regular desktops
  • Work Orders can be setup with estimated timed
  • Employee, technician or contract worker’s time for each task or workorder can be scanned in or captured using mobile App
  • Employee efficiency, employee productivity and employee tracking
  • In-house or on the Road employees


iM3 SCM Suite provides insight into wealth of data into time spent on each work order task by every employee. The productivity and efficiency reports on employee for repeated tasks or for against estimated time can be measured. Analytics and application of AI, Machine Learning and RPA will help boost productivity, predict expected time based on failure codes, employee and predict training and safety needs and help reduce overall operational costs. Comparing inhouse repair time and cost with outsourced labor cost will help analyze what Labor tasks to be outsourced or to be performed inhouse.