5 Reasons why an inventory management system is essential for Healthcare

Save yourself from counting inventory manually, have real-time visibility and control over your inventory, and schedule + perform regular automated cycle counts

A fully automated inventory management system for the healthcare industry can allow working professionals to keep track of a variety of information such as: patient data, materials and equipment/asset management, employee information, outsourced services, procurement, warehouse and facility management, and more). This ensures that the right level of care is provided to each patient and also enables greater efficiency and productivity of staff managing these cumbersome robust day-to-day processes. Additionally, assisting with simplified and timely decision making.

A recent report by Advance Time Analytics (Eurowire, Medical Inventory Software Market to Witness Huge Growth by 2025) discusses a detailed overview of the attributes influencing the worldwide business scope, such as the latest market insights, breakdown of products & services, current situation analysis with upcoming trends and approves tremendous growth in the medical inventory market by the year 2025 by deeply analyzing market insights.

Image Source: https://www.galendata.com/digital-healthcare-future-heathcare/

Below are the top 5 reasons why an efficient inventory system makes sense for healthcare professionals:

Control Medical Operation More Effectively

Another great reason that you need an efficient medical inventory system is to help with employee productivity. Because PPS’s automated system is able to quickly pull up all of your employees' task information on a real-time scenario, you will be able to quickly see what your staff is doing well & what they require to work on.

Streamline Processes, Centralize Depository

Using an effective inventory management system allows your employees, as well as patients, to enroll through the system from anywhere they may be. This saves time and money because you will not have to pay to have it set up in each location, and your employees will no longer have to lug around large files. Lastly, utilize the system as a centralized data collection hub for all of your locations + staff.

Real-time Inventory Stock Management

The medical inventory management system offered by PPS allows you to quickly track the stock levels of all of your supplies, thereby preventing the need to stock items beyond what you need. This will be saving you money and allowing you to purchase only the items you need, as opposed to buying new ones as demand increases. Your inventory will also be easy to update when necessary and available in real-time.

Mukta Singh Chauhan (AssetInfinity, How Functional is Inventory Management in Healthcare Industry) says:

“The best is when Healthcare organizations successfully maintain accurate stock levels of supplies and equipment whenever needed so that patients won’t suffer from neglected health services. Otherwise, without inventory control, no one can keep accurate and real-time data of supplies and equipment which have depleted and are needed to be re-ordered.”

Robust Workforce Management

An efficient medical inventory system also makes it possible for you to track how much of your medical staff is working and how many are working on an assigned tasks/projects at any given time. This does make it much easier to know just how well your staff is performing. When you have an accurate record of who is in charge of what tasks, you can better delegate tasks, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your team. This will ultimately benefit your employees, as well as you.

Do Asset Tagging for Check-In/Out Procedures

If you are managing assets onsite, offsite, or the regular movement of assets – a robust Enterprise Asset Management solution can help with efficient tracking. Barcode/QR code enabled technology as well as gps tracking can be configured with cloud-based solutions to help track live locations, check-in/check-out of assets as they move throughout your facility for better tracking and management of assets.

Abbas Dhilawala (GalenData, What is Digital Healthcare and How Does It Affect Patient Care) says:

“The healthcare industry has been notably sluggish when it comes to adopting the latest and greatest digital technology, but with a number of new innovations in digital healthcare promising to improve the patient experience and enhance patient care outcomes, an increasing number of medical professionals and healthcare administrators are recognizing the benefits that digital technology can provide.”

An efficient medical inventory management system will allow you to better track the cost of your medicine, saving money on over-the-counter medications, and even reduce your overall costs for hospital supplies.

By opting for the medical inventory management system by PPS, you can actually use a system that does benefit you, your staff, and your patients. The more you understand about the system, the better you will be able to use it and ensure that you are providing your staff with the best possible training.