Go Green with Logistics

#Globalwarming, Green House Gas (#GHG) emissions, #Climatechange are matters of immense concern all over the world. If these concerns are not addressed in time, it will have detrimental effects. The consequences would be the destruction of green cover, food and water shortages, societal imbalances and inequality. Lastly, it would affect businesses and the global economy. Hence it should be understood that the environment and economy are tightly coupled. If humankind needs to survive and flourish its important that the economy takes good care of the environment.

Where does the problem lie?

The first step to solve a problem is to understandwhere the problem lies. The top three sectors which contribute the most to greenhouse gas emissions are:

  • Power Generation: By burning coal thermal power plants, generate electricity.
  • Transport &Logistics: Combustion requires the burning of Fossil fuels.
  • Manufacturing: Production processes requiring heat are mostly run on fossil fuels. Manufacturing also adds indirectly to electricity used.

From the above three sectors, Power generation is slow to adapt to change, there are a lot of additional factors such as government approvals and permissions involved. But the remaining two i.e. Logistics and Manufacturing have understood the need for sustainable growth and environmental concerns.

It's alarming…

Logistics industry contributes immensely to climate change. Transport burns up most of the petroleum products, resulting in the release of oxides, particulates and carbon dioxide.

As per Wikipedia, fleet emission of delivery vans, trucks and big rigs is 10.17 kg CO2 per gallon of diesel consumed. Delivery vans and trucks average about 7.8 mpg (or 1.3 kg of CO2 per mile) while big rigs average about 5.3 mpg (or 1.92 kg of CO2 per mile). The road haulage industry is contributing around 20% of the UK's total carbon emissions a year.

GHG emission from transport and logistics accounted for up to 28% of the total gas emissions in the US for the year 2019 (source: https://www.epa.gov/transportation-air-pollution-and-climate-change/carbon-pollution-transportation).

Green Logistics

The concept of Green logistics achieved a centre stage in the mid-’80s. Green logistics is the implementation of systems and approaches using advanced technology to minimize environmental damage during operations. This includes forward as well as reverse logistics. Green logistics aims to achieve a fine balance between economic productivities and environmental sustainability. Practically speaking, Green logistics needs to add value to Society, Environment as well as the economy. (make sure to provide sources, where are we getting this knowledge from?)

Green logistics can be applied as follows:

Transportation Warehousing Other areas
  • Load & Route Optimization
  • Clean fuel
  • Inventory minimization
  • On-site recycling
  • Automated warehouse management
  • Container Pooling
  • Package tracking
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Software for Green Initiatives

The best way for companies to streamline their logistics operations to achieve green objectives is to use competent software tools. With Supply chain technology, you can:

Effective route planning The software can automate the process of route planning and give multiple route options for a specific load. (instead of route planning, let’s focus on Mobility and Communication – as our software is not a route planning tool). But you can still mention it – just an FYI
Best Mode Using the best mode i.e. Rail, road, air or water can help in curtailing GHG emissions.
Reduce ‘empty miles’ Trucks which travel one way with a load do not have to travel back empty.
Reduce Paper Automated systems with hybrid mobile app support can help reduce paper trails.

Making the right choice

People Plus Software Inc. has developed the tools which can proficiently support the green initiatives of the Supply Chain Management industry. iM3 SCM suite is an intelligent cloud-based solution enabling efficient fleet and warehouse management. With embedded Barcode/ RFID reading its possible optimize consignment movement taking into consideration package dimensions and measurements.

People Plus Software Inc. is an enthusiastic supporter of green logistics.