Unbelievable Benefits of Dealer & Distribution Management System

While using DMS, you can easily store, analyze, and access all the details anddata related to the associated business partners, customers, suppliers, and stocks.

Nowadays, more businesses are looking into the advantages of distribution management systems. The system is mainly used for controlling and managing the delivery and distribution of goods. PeoplePlus Software (PPS) through its services makes sure that it may advantage small, as well as, large businesses through its distribution management system.

Usually, the distribution management system is divided into several layers, depending on its functions and the operational process. However, most companies do not understand the significance of each layer, particularly the lower ones. As a result, they think that if a certain layer cannot solve their problems, then it is not important. This article will explain to them the significance of these challenges and layers in order to attain the right output.

Let’s understand the associated layers of distribution management systems in brief:

LAYER-1: Manage Inventory Levels

The first layer is the basic layer. It has two functions:

  • It allows you to manage your stocks and other materials in a systematic manner
  • It allows you to generate business intelligence (BI) reports for tracking various aspects around the management of Inventory.

The function of the basic layer is to provide easy and accurate inventory and transportation management, as well as tracking information.

LAYER-2: Perform Quick Processing of Orders

“The right system for distributing merchandise from different brand manufacturers and product manufacturers can use a variety of merchandise in one store, and customers can see the benefits of choosing among multiple brands of products (Sachin Mehta, Sales Trendz, Benefits of Advanced Distribution Management System).”

The second layer involves a two-tier operation. It provides quality and accurate information to the customers for the quick processing of orders. It also prevents error and fraud.

LAYER-3: Establish a Decent Dealer-Customer Equation

The third layer is the customer. It deals with customer satisfaction with more quality services and products. It provides the solution to the customer's problem as well as ensure the fulfillment of their order.

“Distribution management system enables greater network reliability, improved operational efficiency, reduced operations costs, increased safety, enhanced security, support for regulatory compliance, better asset utilization, and standards-based integration.”


Schneider Electric, Distribution Management System (DMS)

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LAYER-4: Accurately Track Deliveries and Confirmation

The fourth layer is the core function. It enables the company to deliver products according to the customer's needs. It also enables the customers to accurately track the deliveries and receive a confirmation when the products arrive.

LAYER-5: Manage Storage and Routing Accurately

The fifth layer is the storage and routing layer. It facilitates the management of materials and helps the management to identify lost and stolen products. It also helps the company to manage its employees, which makes the job easier.

LAYER-6: Purchasing Layer & Associated Products

The next layer is the purchasing layer, which provides a centralized point for the timely and regular maintenance and purchasing of products. The buying process is also managed for maximum quality and efficiency.

By focusing equally on all the layers of Dealer and Distribution Management System (DMS), PeoplePlus Software consistently works to avail its clients with incredible planning, forecasting, as well as, valuable metrics on the go to let them establish powerful dealer-customer relationships.